Resellers Wanted and Welcomed

Being a reseller with HOF+N is Awesome!

High Octane Fitness + Nutrition isn’t like other online retail companies. We want our independent sales associates to do more than succeed, we want you to create a business of your own and use us to do it. 

Take a minute to check out the FAQs below and if you still have questions please use our contact page to drop us a line. Thanks for choosing to fuel your body and your business.
High Octane Fitness + Nutrition.     

HOF+N will provide you two discount codes. One code is for you to buy your own personal products with at a discount higher than offered to general customers usually between 15-20%. The other code is for you to provide your customers to use.

No you never have to touch product. (This is like a soft no lol.) The sale is done online and the distribution center will ship the product to the customer, and as long as the customer used your discount code you will be credited with the sale. You may have to receive product if we have agreed to working with you at an event in your area. You will need to have product on hand.

We have a limited return policy. On non-used unopened consumable products, they can be returned up to 7 days after you receive it. Opened consumable products can only be returned if 90-95% of the product is still intact in the container it was shipped in along with all shipped packaging as well. All wearable clothing and accessories can be returned if they are in the same condition they were shipped in, along with all of the shipped packaging as well. 

Our policy is to pay all resellers at the end of each month. This gives our accounts payable staff time to settle all returns. We do however try to pay as early as possible before the end of the month. Money will either be added to any account you give us Paypal, Venmo or traditional bank account.  

We want you to grow your own business and use us to do it. We will provide you (via email) information on new products we offer before the come out. You will also be eligible to sell products from our partner and sister websites using the same code and discount. This will give you the ability to expand your product lines and potential customer base as well.

If there are events in your area that can help boost your sales we want to be a part of making that happen for you to. We may be able to send as little as brochures or as much as personnel to help you man a booth or table to interact with possible clients.  You may also be invited to events we have as well.